4 Tomini Aromatici

With a sachet of extra virgin olive oil


Fresh cheese with speces
and herbs. MILK, salt, rennet, spices and herbs in varying proportions (crushed red pepper, garlic, parsley).
Storage temperature below 7°C.
Average nutritional value
100g Cheese 100ml Oil
Energy 935 kj/223 kcal 3762 kj/900 kcal
Fat 28g 90g
Saturates 12g 9g
Carbohydrate 3,7g 0g
Sugars 1,5g 0g
Protein 12g <0g
Salt 0,82g 0g
 100% fresh Italian milk

100% fresh Italian milk

 Only 67 K.calories per Tomino

Only 67 K.calories per Tomino

 No preservatives

No preservatives


If you have some more time...

Bruschetta, Tominos and basil cream

4 spiced Tominos, rustic bread, basil, extra virgin olive oil, salt.

Toast the slices of rustic bread under a grill. To prepare the cream, mix up the basil, the extra virgin olive oil (the sachet in the box) and a pinch of salt. Spread it on the slices of toasted bread. Put on the top spiced Tominos and some more drops of basil cream. Enjoy!

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