• Main course
    for meat

  • "Ready to eat"
    Easy and quick
    Ready in 2 minutes

  • A special recipe
    on the backside
    of each package

  • 2 format:
    Single box or
    Box with 4 portion

  • 100% fresh
    Italian Milk

  • Preservative-free
    With High Quality
    Raw materials only

  • With microwave

La Tomineria

The new Piedmontese Tomini’s range has been designed by Pezzana Dairy to satisfy a careful, demanding and creative Consumer. This way to consume Tomino, combines Quality, Tradition and Innovation.

Ready to eat

Our new idea of Tomino keeps up with the times, to satisfy all the connoisseur of haute cuisine and offer them, in 2 minutes, a “unique dish”.

  • La Tomineria Pezzana Tomino Classico
  • La Tomineria Pezzana Tomino Senza Lattosio
  • La Tomineria Pezzana Tomino Speck
  • La Tomineria Pezzana Tomino Bacon
  • La Tomineria Pezzana 4 Tomino Classico
  • La Tomineria Pezzana 4 Tomino Speck
  • La Tomineria Pezzana 4 Tomino Bacon

7 Types, 2 Formats

Let your imagination run wild, and experiment new recipes with different cooking methods to bring out the flavour of Tomino, the king of the kitchen! Two formats, 4 mini Tomini as appetizer and starter, or 1 Tomino as main course, substitute for meat, to combine with seasonal vegetables.

Caseificio Pezzana

Since 70 years, Caseificio Pezzana has used its innovation and creativity to come up with unique speciality products, interpreting the traditional recipes of the Piedmont region in new ways, using new formats and handy packagings to arouse the curiosity and the palate of the ever more discerning modern consumer.
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Le certificazioni si riferiscono ai prodotti realizzati nei siti produttivi del Caseificio Pezzana.
È parte del marchio:
Via Pinerolo, 26/b 10060 Frossasco (TO)
Tel. 0121 353157
e-mail: info@pezzana.it