Since 70 years

Caseificio Pezzana has used its innovation and creativity to come up with unique speciality products, interpreting the traditional recipes of the Piedmont region in new ways, using new formats and handy packagings to arouse the curiosity and the palate of the ever more discerning modern consumer.


as it always has done, the fresh milk arrives at the dairy from the country farms each morning and after careful checks and patient processing, it is slowly transformed into the wide range of Pezzana’s speciality cheeses, that includes from fresh to aged cheeses, creamy and white rind cheeses and the Ready to cook Tomino’s family.

The modern factory

, that follows the most rigid production rules, the experienced cheesemakers, an in depth market research all combined with punctual and careful logistics make Caseificio Pezzana your trusted partner!

Not only Tomini from 1946


When my grandparents, Michele and Lucia, set up a central dairy to gather the milk from the best farms in the Piedmont countryside around, I couldn’t imagine that it would only be the beginning of the exciting adventure of Caseificio Pezzana.


Begins the production of fresh cheeses: Reginella, Capriolo and Paglierina immediately had a huge success all over the province of Turin.


Was born the new and modern dairy of Frossasco, and begins the production of the Tomino to cook. Sales extend little by little throughout the country, and Tomino conquers the palate of Italian families.


The growth of the sales brings the company to a great renewal. The new and modern installations, that follow the most rigid production rules, guarantee the high quality of all the products.


After 70 years from its birth, our dairy keeps on its path to the growth with a further change: the factory is bigger and now production plants of the latest generation are part of the cheese production cycle.



Via Pinerolo, 26/b 
10060 Frossasco (TO)
Tel. 0121 353157
Le certificazioni si riferiscono ai prodotti realizzati nei siti produttivi del Caseificio Pezzana.
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Via Pinerolo, 26/b 10060 Frossasco (TO)
Tel. 0121 353157